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help: looking for CHEAP used car...

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Not sure if this is in the right forum...but, here I go...

My friends car just died and he's strapped for cash...he's looking for a used car for around $2000.

Any suggestions?
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Local classifieds?

I know the auto trader around here has a special section for $5000 and under (or something) cars.
yeah, i'm looking on autotrader for him right now...

what i'm wondering is...ok, he had a 1994 chevy cavalier with a 2.2L inline 4...he got that car with about 100,000 miles already on it...and it lasted another 100,000 with him at the wheel!

he's looking for another used car that'll last...

did he get lucky with the cavalier? are those reliable? what make/model would you guys suggest he look for?

My freidn has had one and has had lots of problems its rare they run that long..I sugest a honda civic or I had a pontiac bonneville that was exellent and i drove it from its 60K mark to its dieing day at 278,000 miles with just normal maintanace and it was a 91 Pontiac Bonneville SSE Its was really nice to!
easy. Tell him to get a S13 240sx. He should easily be able to find a 93 in good condition for 2000 or less. My roommate has one, and that car owns. RWD, nice motor, nissan, and will run forever. He puts a bunch of miles on his. It currently has well over 200k, and still runs like a CHAMP! AND, he beats the crap out of it on a daily basis. Nissans last forever. As a matter of fact, the motor on my 92 pathfinder still sounds better than the motor on my 01 focus! lol
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