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Help me and my slow times

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I need times are slow!
My best time...
shifts at 6,3 6,2 6,0
.402 R/T
2.568 60ft
6.981 330ft
10.646 1/8
67.27 1/8mph
13.797 1000
16.491 1/4
83.17 1/4mph
Granted this is my second time was with about a 1/2 tank of gas and no spare tire. I know my fuel pump is going out thanks to some help from the NW forum. Could that be causing the slow times like this?

My buddies time driving my focus(note he's drag raced b4)
Shifts around 6,6 6,3 6,8
.186 R/T
2.485 60ft
6.876 330ft
10.526 1/8
67.46 1/8mph
13.675 1000
16.412 1/4
80.46 1/4mph
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well for a start, what drag strip are you goin to? altitude/temp/humidity/wind etc are huge factors.

your 60' says either your boggin super hard, or more likely, your spinnin like mad (launchin too high). stock tires i'm guessin?

has your car been tuned yet? if so, have a graph?

dependin on how your power curves are, might need to adjust your shift pts.

your buddy obviously hasnt picked up that those very high rpm pts is hurtin him. unless you have cams/head etc...your not gonna make power up there. notice that how much he got on you in the 60', and had on you in 1/8mi. however he's already startin to come back to you, only a lil more in 1/8mi trap. but from 1000-finish, him holdin 3rd, he loses a bunch to even your run and of course doesnt trap well.

hit up my site for some good info on dynos/mycar/slips/mods/vids etc.

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I'm going to the Southern Oregon Dragway. It sits at 1400ft above sea guess is that it was around 50 or so. lite wind if any. Yes i'm on stock ruber. I'm launching anywhere from 2 to 2,5 grand. I seem to have some tire slip but not alot. No my car hasn't been need to with the mods i have done...see signature.
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