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alright i owned an 03' svtf for about a year but i totalled it..i had normal mods to it aem cai,orp,borla catback,65mm tb..i got none of this stuff off the car when i wrecked it..when i wrecked it i went out and bought an 05 srt4 which is very fast but its just not as fun as the im going to school and im getting rid of the srt4 and i want to get another focus..but i dont want to get another my question is 2.0 or 2.3?..which is better and which is easier to mod...any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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so my question is 2.0 or 2.3?..which is better and which is easier to mod...any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Let put it this way.

Do you want me to mail you $200 or $230?

All else being equal the larger displacment will make more power.
Do you want me to mail you $200 or $230?
I'll take the $230, do you need my mailing address or should I pick it up at sonic?
Well, yes, the CosWagon is pretty much the coolest street-driven Duratec around. But if you're starting from scratch, the 2.3 is the engine of choice. It will always make more power than a 2.0 with similar modifications. It also has a two-year head start, so there are several parts out which fit the 2.3 only.

Of course, it really depends on how you want to drive. The 2.3 will have more of a torquey character (similar to the SRT-4, but with less balls-to-the-wall power to start with). The 2.0, on the other hand, will be more of a high-revving, Zetec- or Honda-like engine. Either model of Duratec has plenty of potential.
hey guys thanx for all the help...hopefully i will be in a focus again soon
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if you want my honest opinion definately go with the d23...i had my first focus for over a year and the most i did to that one was an intake and a driver side motormount...needless to say i never got tired of driving that car, unfortunately i totalled it just over a year after getting it and that really scared me from the whole 'passionate' driving thing...dont get me wrong i was already looking for another focus (d23 of coarse) the same day i totalled the first one (before i even knew what my insurance was gonna do for me)

i got another d23 absolutely identical to my first except the VIN, sportline springs, magnaflow muffler, and modest but noticable tint...i got a little carried away modding it one day and decided to improvise instead of spending 200+ bux on tools to install a pully kit...about $2100+ in parts and machine work later and a really long time without my about the best way i can put it with the d23...just, anxious to get it on the dyno and/or the 1320 to see what kinda #'s i can pull outta this baddass mamajama...if walter informed me correctly (but please dont quote me on this) i think im pushin 200hp (again dont quote me til i can prove it)...

imho, go with the d23...
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