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Help quick!!!!

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I need to know what kind of car this is! I have a few friends who are trying to figure it out, and I want to figure it out (with help of course) before them.


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Dude! I'm tryin'!!!

Because the emblem on the hood kinda looks like a Maserati trident... I've Google'd Maserati custom-bodied cars of the 1950's and found nothing that resembles it...

I'm still thinking, though. Ghia was a popular coach builder then as well. Here's a strange but beautiful Dual Ghia:

...Still looking...

One guy I know would know is prolly asleep and I don't dare call him after 10 P.M. out of courtesy.

Check with me tomorrow around 9 A.M. Pacific time, eh?
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Bump for an update:

From my friend Tony at Vintage Racing Service:

Hi Chris-

It's a Buick show car, probably late '50s-early '60s, some variation of Wildcat. I've sent it to my friend Helen the Buick expert. We'll see what she says.


Have your buddies found anything yet?

Hope they don't see this before you do...
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HAHAHAHAHAH ^^ homer is always right HAHAHAHAH
56 buick from what I could find:
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Please keep pics of your car in Team Rigz
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OMG! That's Great!

Where's the ROFL Copter when you need it.

BTW, It def. looks like you've found a 56 Buick.
Interesting car. I'd like to see one in person.
Prolly never made more than that one 'concept' or show car.
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Well, a friend of mine on another BBS just bought one...he was trying to get us to guess...and thanks to your help...I WIN!!!!

Wow. That's two hats I've eaten today.

He just bought one? You're kidding...

Post pics if you get 'em.
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