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help with identifying rpm signal wire

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i just need to know if anyone knows which wire from the coil is the signal wire that tells you what the rpm is... i need it for my LM-1

thanks in advance

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i also need this info for my tach....anyone know???
ITs best to get it from ECU pin 48 on the ECU. Its a standard tach signal. The coil doesnt have a standard tach signal like most cars. IF you pick it up off the coil you will need a tach adapter.

What Scott said, plus also note that on my 2001 ZX3, the pin for the tach signal is empty, so I stuck a piece of bell wire in there, and soldered the bell wire to my gauge's rpm signal wire (I use the Zeitronix combo gauge). It seemed like there was no electrical contact when I stuck the bell wire into the PCM harness's socket, but it's worked fine for a year now.
im just a little frightened to stick pull the PCM out and stick a wire in there... especially when it comes to soldering... i have no clue how to do that
and ive been asking my friends and they kinda give me the "i dunno" look when i ask for help doing that... i have a tendancy to really hurt my car when it comes to tricky things like this so i was hoping to avoid it...

im running a pectel ecu right now and i was told that i dont need a tach adapter, but i dont know which wire i should be taping into... guess im just going to have to find some electrical person to help me with the pin 48

thanks guys

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