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Hi long time listener first time caller

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Hey folks- new to the club just drove my buddies svt focus tonight, I have a 03 zx3, and now he brags about how fast it is. He's cool but I want to wipe that smug smirk off his face, so he sent me here... whats next?

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A little ingenuity (and some $$$) can make up the difference between your ZX3 and his SVT. Is your '03 a Zetec (probably) or the Duratec 2.3? We have Zetec and Duratec Tuning forums that can tell you all about hot-rodding your particular engine. The 2.3 will take a lot less work to match an SVT, but the Zetec can (for now
) be made much faster if you have the cash.
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Welcome to the jet.

Where abouts are you from check out you're regional fourm. While you're friend is cool you can meet and see more mods for you're engine in person at a g2g and more SVTs and all the engines ect. Just check out which ever regional fourm you belong too
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Welcome to fj.

I've got a 00 ZX3 with no major power adders (meaning, SC, turbo, or nitrous) and I've been faster than a stock, or near stock, SVTF for a while now.
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Welcome to the board

^ Basically what others have said. Check out the various tuning sections particular to the engine in your car. Don't forget too that going fast also means you need to handle and stop better. So, we got forums for that too!

Don't be shy to ask any questions. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. Feel free to share your own experiences with the car.

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Hello Mr. Obvious how are things going. Welcome to the jet. getting more out of your ZX3 isn't too complicated and this is the right place to get the knowledge your going to need. there are a ton of folks here that have been playing with their Focus for a long time and some of the sponsors are the best suppliers anywhere. Good luck with your project and don't forget to post your progress.
Hi, I'm the guy that got him on the forum, hes actually a coworker. Let me reintroduce myself, Zx2razor (way back from Razors ghost, etc. anything razor was me. Got off the forums for a while but always been looking through them, don't Worry Bobo, I'll help u get ur car fast.

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