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I'm not sure how the rest of you with HID's feel, but while I think they're great on regular roads, I'm not as crazy about them on twisty back roads with lots of elevation change.
When I'm using low beams (due to oncoming traffic), the light cutoff is so sharp and the contrast between the extremely brightly lit area covered by the headlights and the darkness is so high it's like the world just ends at the end of the low beams.
It just seems like regular halogen low beams have a much softer cut-off and your eyes can handle the brightness differences better.
I still love the lights - I can't believe how well they light up the road when I'm driving down regular city streets, and the high beams (which I guess are combination of the HID low beams and halogen high beams) are incredible. Besides, the way the 'snap' on with that blue glow that brightens to white is cool.
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