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Already posted on FF but didn’t get much help or advice so here’s the backstory.

200K miles zx5 2.0, newer plugs gap is .055 new air filter, cleaned maf throttle body & IAC.
issue: absolute dogcrap acceleration, anything past 3K rpm getting on to the highway, getting into traffic/speed. It was never fast to begin with but now it can’t even get out of its own way.

here is live data & codes I pulled, the P0171 is gone and hasn’t come back since I cleared it two days ago, still no power though. Help would be appreciated!

P0171-System too lean bank 1 (Vacuum leak?)

3 PZEV air injection related codes
Been on forever after the vacuum line running to it cracked, replaced the line and it never worked after.

Live data:
on startup (engine already up to operating temp from a drive)

Upstream and downstream were both around .850mV
about 10 seconds into start up upstream 02 dipped to .156 then 93 shot up to .500 (downstream still in .800s)

after running for a couple minutes O2 data was as follows
upstream was bouncing anywhere from .200-.800
downstream alternating as well .80mv-.150

I have a readout for O2s13 assume that's because it's the PZEV those readings were .50V-.80V throughout start up and warm up. Also noted that the tailpipe was cold after being driven roughly 10-15 miles.

LFTRIM was 25

After startup SFTRIM was 1-7 somewhat erratically, on initial startup it was 9-13

Couldn't decipher what readout was fuel pressure

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What year is it?
Coil pack?
Plug wires?
What's your battery voltage?
Alternator working ok?
It’s a 2007 battery voltage is 14 volts, I had a 1 1/2 year battle with alternators, went thru 5. First had a shop replace, that one was faulty and would blow headlights past 4k rpm, 2nd from them went out within 7 months, replaced with a duralast. They sold me the wrong one (automatic) so I had a battery light on constantly (was still charging) finally took it to swap out, they ordered one and it came in damaged, sent it Back and finally got a new one. 5th try is the charm I guess, I can replace them in under an hour now though. As far as I know coil packs are original but don’t seem to be giving me any issues, no misfires or anything. Oddly enough I disconnected the battery, and fiddled with a couple of the visible vacuum hoses and it seems to be running much better, I have a fuel filter to replace the original one but too lazy to get around to it
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