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Highway stall...

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Have a 30 mile commute. Last week on the way home Focus stalled at about 60mph. Rather it started jerking roughly. I tried to apply more gas but the problem only worsened as the accelerator was pushed. I began to downshift but eventually the car died and I coasted to the median. After a few seconds I restarted and made my way home without further event.

Car is a 02 SPI with over 100k, so I assumed a bad fuel pump. Changed the pump with aftermarket from Auto Zone. Aftermarket pump, walbro, was not an exact replica of the oe part but I got it installed. Try to start the car with new pump and nothing. Car turns but no ignition.

So I figure it may be a bad pump. Fuse is fine and relay is fine. At the turn of the key I can hear the pump run for a few seconds. I disconected the line at the filter to see if it was pumping. It was, however it seemed very weak in flow. I believe that the new designed sock may be restricting flow because it is smashed against the outside wall of the bucket. And the outer sock that came with the new pump does not fit at all. I cleaned the old disc shaped outer filter and reused it.

The following weekend I try a different brand pump from Discount Auto. It is in an airtex box, but when I opened it, it was the same as the walbro I got from AutoZone. I put this pump in with the same results. I have tried turning the key multiple times to prime the system, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. When I disconnect the fuel lines at the tank/filter they don't seem to be under a great deal of pressure.

I have looked at the rail for a schrader port, but do not see one. Neighbor has an inline pressure guage. Will that give me an accurate reading if I place it in the filters spot?

Checked for spark using a screwdriver on one cylinder. I understand now that that was a no no. But I had spark on that cylinder.

What is next? Check fuel pressure..? Anything else common that would cause these symptoms such as a bad tps? Remember the car was running when I started repairs. I was able to start the car and pull it into the driveway from the street.

It is also my understanding that this is a returnless system and has no regulator. But does have a pressure sensor on the rail. Any ideas?
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In my wifes 02, that same exact problem ended up being bad grounds.
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