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Well here is a link to pics of Hot Import Nights Pheonix

2 Friends Foci from my area showed,


The Brats Focus Won 2nd Place Female

The Green Focus Won 3rd Place Best Lighting Display

And there is a
Eclipse the Spider man one He won Best Mitsubishi

And a Grand Am who won Best GM

There All From Team Notorious so mad props to them!

The shows out here are nothing compared to HIN so for these guys/girls to place is pretty good!
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That spiderman one goes to every HIN show. Saw him last year at Dallas.
Wow, is that paint Split Pea Green? Kinda makes my eyes hurt, but I think its just because it is different than I'm used to seeing. Congrats to all the people who entered and won prizes.
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mad props to team nutorious they have hit up the last couple az shows and had some sweet rides big ups to them for making the haul from texas to show off in az
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uh, yeah nice cars. Wait there were car pics there?

I especially like page 8 the best. Oh yeah the cars were cool too.
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Thank you everyone for the kind words, HIN was a blast!!!!
Thank you everyone for the kind words, HIN was a blast!!!!
Glad to see you made it bro!!

Sick ass cars, Hope to get With you next year
damn, that's some dish:
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hell ya that dish is HOT! HIN is always nice
here are some more pics from HIN i found on the net

More Pics of Rides & Girls
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