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Just signed up to this BB.

Im from England (UK) and have an Escort RS Turbo (Same as Mike Rouse), currently with a 200HP 1.8 Zetec/CVH Hybrid engine (zetec bottom end & CVH head).

I have just started developing next years engine, which will be a 2.1 16v Zetec turbo, theres some great ideas on here, with particular regard to manifold design (both inlet & exhaust).

Heres the general spec of the next engine;

• 2.1 Zetec Turbo 16v
• 86mm bore/88mm stroke
• Billet Chromoly iBeam Rods
• Mahle Forged 86mm Pistons (CR 7.2:1)
• ARP Rod Bolts
• Piston oil spray jets
• Gas Flowed and Ported head (being flow benched at the moment)
• 'BD10' Spec Cams
• Double Valve Springs
• Piper Vernier Cam Pulleys
• Felpro Headgasket
• High Pressure Oil Pump
• Custom breather system
• Mocal oil catch tank
• Intercooler & Chargecooler setup
• Tubular Exhaust Manifold (Tuned lengths)
• Garett T35 Hybrid turbo (0.63 exh housing)
• Custom downpipe into a Magnex system
• S.E.C.S Engine Management System
• Four 'Purple' 700cc Injectors (JAP)
• 3 Bar M.A.P Sensor
• Antilag (5psi @ idle)
• Water Injection (Purely as an antidetonant should ACTs rise too high)
• Air/Air Injectors

The Focus Central inlet manifold has caught my eye I admit, so when I can get a price for that i'll be ordering one (hopefully ith single TB on the bottom). Hoping for @ 25psi over 300bhp, we shall see though.

Theres quiet a difference in tuning methods between the UK and the USA, which is great and I love to hear some of your methods etc.


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Originally posted by iamgod:
this should be posted in the forced induction section...welcome to the jet!!
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Tough call there. Yes there are F/I issues, but general Zetec Stuff as well.
Stick around and read alot, and you'll figure out who here knows what they're talking about.
Private Message me if you'd like a starting point of people to contact.
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