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I was browsing through a magazine at Border's was called Performance and Audio or something like that...had a demo Focus from Sony...

The car had a 5Zigen Fireball looked REALLY nice and I want to look into it...but everywhere I've looked I can only find stuff for imports and no Focus...would it be a Universal then? If so...I want to know if the exhaust will fit on the Focus...I have a friend who bought a universal exhaust but it wouldn't fit in his ZX3 so they had to chop it and put half in front of the rear wheels, run a pipe to the back and put the tip of the exhaust there...

Reason I ask is because I don't like the "tip only" look that the Focus exhausts have to offer (except HKS and Bosal but I really don't like those much) ...

anyone have any info or can maybe give me some insight into 5Zigen? Thanks guys.

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