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How else can you remove the rear springs?

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I was installing my new suspension today on my 100k zx3 from Michigan. I knew I was going to run into problems with seized bolts and what not, but I encountered more than I expected. The front went fairly well except for a stripped bolt that I finally got out. The rear was a different story. I got the shocks in no problem, but I couldn't get the control arm bolt out to remove the spring. I've done this before on a car with like 25k so of course it was a lot easier. Anyways I stripped on of the bolts out, and would've done the same to the other side but decided to wait and see if there was another solution.

My question is: Is there any other way to remove the rear springs. Does anybody know if they make a tool to compress the spring in the perch enough to get it out, and to compress the new spring enough to get it back in? If taking the bolt for the control arm out is the only option, I might have to try taking it to a mechanic and seeing if they have a way of getting the bolts out.

I sprayed them with PB blaster and let them sit for a long time. I even tried using those fancy sockets for removing stripped nuts.
Any info will help. Thanks

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you're having difficulty pulling the bolt cos its spinning in the bushing. you can drop out the spring by compressing it but when it comes time to replace that bolt it's gonna be a real good time. you're gonna have to chop off the tack-welded-on nut on the knuckle and then i believe chop the bolt on both sides and hammer out the remainder. then the bushing will come out. you'd need a new bushing and the bolt first, corse.

edit: oh, and you can probably get the spring out by putting a jack under the perch and then raising the LCA and then putting compressors on the spring. then you can drop arm and you can probably pry out the spring.
The bolt isn't spinning at all, that is the problem.
Let me clarify. I didn't strip the bolt, I stripped the head of the bolt. I couldn't even budge the bolt.
soak it in PB blaster or deep creep or something else thats going to eat rust and what not.

then try it...

maybe a really big breaker bar?
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