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Spi is the cheapest.

Duratec in between
the Zetec is the most expensive.

It comes down to Both the simplcity of the engines and the Way they are built.

The Zetec has more parts than the Duratec and the spi, Spi more parts than the Duratec.
The SPI plant is really old they have been miking the motor for almost 20 years. the tooling is old and paid for. I heard 800$ per SPI

The Duratec HE was deisgned by mazda to be made By ford on a Mazda process. Your talking all-new Flexible tooling highly automated, they use the cosworth gravity fed casting process for very accurate castings that require less machining, which lowers costs.
The Deep skirt block of the Duratec the wo peice block on the Ztec E. The Duratec He is optimized for stiffness it' thin where posible but thick where strength is needed, so less material is needed. parts sharing between all mazda and ford I4 saves alot of money too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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