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How to adjust the shift lever...

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I just got my SVT back from clutch/flywheel and tranny work.
And the shift lever is not straight up and down in neutral as it was before. It is more at a 5 oclock position (to the right and rear)This is making shifting into 6th gear impossible.
How do I go about adjusting this. The shop that did the work is not open until Monday and I need to drive almost 3 hundred miles tomorrow...
Thank you in advance...
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no idea
Have an assistant hold the shifter right where You want it. Then go down to the ends of the shift cables at the trans and push the orange tabs in. The levers the cables are attached to should go to their neutral position. You may have to center them manually, either way, once the orange tabs are pressed in, the cables are released to move enough for adjustment.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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