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How to: FSWerks Cold Air Intake, 2005-2007 Duratec 2.0L or 2.3L (May also apply to other CAI)

• Crank the wheels all the way to the left.
• Open the hood.

• Remove the Valve Cover Breather by depressing the green tab and pull.

• Remove the 2 bolts about halfway down the Air Box. 8mm. They won’t back all the way out and will stay with the Air Box.

• Loosen the hose clamp holding the Air Box to the Throttle Body.

• Pull the Air Box free of the tabs and remove.

• Remove the 13mm Bolt that holds the Air Box tube down and unplug the Mass Air Flow Sensor by removing the red tab, depressing it, then pull it loose.

• Ahh maaann! You jacked it all up! No seriously, it’s time to jack it up. FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS BE IDIOTS, USE A JACKSTAND!

• Remove the 3 Phillips plastic screws. Sorry about the crap pictures, space was kinda tight.

• Now take out the bolts that hold the plastic guard on. 9/32th.
• Bend the plastic guard out of the way.

• Remove the 3 bolts that hold the Air Filter Housing on. 8mm.
• Remove the bolt from the fender well. T27.

• Pull the fender well partial out and remove the hose clamp.
• Massage the Air Filter Box out, (had to use a little force) and then pull the snorkel from the fender well.

• Swap the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) from the old Air Intake onto your new CAI.

• Now I would clean the engine bay a little while you have the big open gab, put this step is optional.
• As you’re putting the CAI into place plug in the MAF Sensor.
• Tighten the 13mm bolt back in place using the grommets. Side Note: If you don’t have the grommets provided you can remove the metal center from the old ones and use them.

• Now tighten the hose clamps up for the throttle body.

• Take the vent pipe out of the old air intake and place into the new CAI.

• Get your freshly cleaned and oiled filter on and tighten the 2 hose clamps.

• Put the fender well back in.
• Put the protecting plastic shield back in.
• Take jack stand out and lower the car back down.
• Double check everything, and enjoy.
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