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How-to remove front seats ??

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after removing the rear seats, I now have problems removing the front one !! I searched but I just can't seem to find any results ??
Could anyone please help me on this one ??

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4 bolts per seat...but first unplug the harness under the seat. Dunno the torx#...
How about this:

How do you turn off the air bag light when you take the seat out?
just plug the harness back in...the harness is connected to the seat belt lock...
Ollie I don't follow. I'm talking about when the seat is out, the harness that comes up from the floor. Anything you can do with that? order to get rid of the abs have to take the seat belt lock off the stock seats as well...the harness that comes through the carpet needs to be reconnected with the harness coming from the seat belt lock. Other wise your airbag will function correctly, or not at all.

so in other have to install the seatbelt lock on your aftermarket seats and hook the harnesses back up...

I can take pix if you want...I hope that explains it though
Oh, I get it! I never thought to look under the seat
! Thanks
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