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OK so the last time I did this was in 2004, on my old 2001 focus sedan, but I never actually showed the how too, people asked and I mentioned the steps but not the actual process over the years, kinda left me looking back when I did this process today. Keep in mind this is written as if you already did the wiring up of your lights from stock to EU lighting without doing the rear fogs.

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So, to wire up the European rear fog light(s) you’ll need:

2000-2004 Focus (I’m using a sedan)
OEM European tail lights (sedan in this case)
OEM European headlight switch
About 5 to 7 feet of wire, if plugging into the stock harnesses. If plugging directly into the rear fog light (hatch) or tail lights on the wagon or sedan, you’ll need more wire.
Male and female ends for the harness
(I pulled an entire harness from a u pull and used it for scrap usage, so everything was the appropriate length for me)
9/32 socket to remove the headlight switch bezel
5/16 socket to remove the knee panel
Philips head (or star head) screwdriver
And a simple flat head screwdriver
Approx 1 hours time

So the European headlight switch is a direct fit, and plugs right into your stock North American harness, but once you do this you’ll notice it’s doing the same functions as the stock American ones, which is true, because the other leads from the back of the harness are missing for the city light “P”, headlight level or dipping function and of course the rear fog light function, as those are not required for DOT standards.

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So take your two sockets and remove the bezel and knee plate and take out the stock headlight switch, everything goes back the exact same way when your done..

so where do you wire from?

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Answer is 83A
The rear fog light is not fuse required and can function when just the parking lights are on, but the way the switch is made, you’re turning your lights on in the park setting but also turning on your front fog lights first.

you can see in the photos the other fictions listed on the headlight switch like the city light “P” and other empty leads out for the functions of the headlight switch

83B is the front fog lights, if your vehicle does not have front fog lights this is where you’d be wiring it to, without having to install a toggle switch for them.

so using the stock wire female end as a test fit you line up your harness to where the pin is for 83A and slide it into the back of the harness and it should click. After that test fit the headlight switch so it’s not too tight.

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From this point, you can put the headlight switch back into place and run your wire down, and tuck it along the drivers side foot well behind the plastic, and then secure the headlight switch, and put the bezel and knee panel back into place like normal.

You want to run the wire all along the bottom of your car gently popping up the floor panel and talking the wire in the place or removing the panels and running the wire in with your regular stock harness, to run it from the drivers foot well all the way to the trunk or hatch to where the harness meets its next harness for the rear light bulb harness. You can by pass it or use it so the next step is optional for you.

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At this point you have two options depending on which model of focus you have, you can either bypass the tail light harness itself, to just run the wire to the tail light and doing so will leave your harness alone, or use the harness and continue like it would be OEM, which means your needing a male and female ends

if you choose stock, first thing you need to do is unplug your rear tail light harness from the harness of the car. You’ll need needle nose pliers to lightly pull the male end though a blank space in the harness, any will do as you should have 8 empty spaces to choose from, just remember which slot you used because you have to use the female end in the tail light harness to continue on to the tail light bulb bored.


Run the wire directly to the fog light, it would go through the hole, in the trunk panel that you were already drilled out for your European rear bumper lights and just run the wire down and then plug it directly in the fog light(s) itself. Make sure you have a ground wire for you fog light as they do not have a ground system built into the fog lights like the sedan and wagons do, so it’s suggested that you use the same ground you’d be using for your reverse light.

If you’re planning on doing the stock European setting. The fog light should always be behind the driver so it would be on the left side, per EU regulations.

however if you have both of your fog lights you can wire them both up, just make sure to have a ground wire for each of your fog lights. now you’re done.


because there is only one fog light on the driver side the left your two options:

Run a longer wire to to tail light and use the female end and plug it into your European light bulb bored and your done. Or use the harness method and run the wire though your harness at the disconnect and your done. Because the wagon had a bulb Bored the ground is already in your wiring.


it’s the same method as the wagons, but you have the option to split the wire from the drivers side tail light and send a secondary wire to the passenger side of your car giving you functionality on both sides this is what I did. The ground is already in the light bulb bored, and won’t need additional wiring like the European tail lights have the grounds in the bulb bleeds themselves.

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You should only use the rear fog lights durring bad weather, like driving rains, fog, snow storms as could leave yourself open to a ticket if you overly use it outside of those conditions as a nuisance you could get a ticket for that.

also a rear fog is also a good way to get a tail gater off your butt in a hurry too lol.


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