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I am moving this weekend.

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i finaly got a new place its realy close to my work ( less than a mile) and the rent is very good [but my room is pretty small). now i can save some money and get The PW.

oh by the way no more LA fot at least a month so i am down for whatever.
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i might have some extra stuff. i let you guys know if you want you can have them.
let me know if I can help w/ the move.
I'm in too if you need help
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thanx mike. i let you know
move day? from where to where? i'm sure we could get a few hands in and make this a quick process, esp. if it's just 1 bdrm.

pay the gas money, some pizza, and some beer, and Big Red and I can be available for the day!

its actualy just one room. nothing heavy but a full bed. everything eles is in the box. i can pay for beer and pizza and gas and whatever eles you want me to pay for lol.
my storage is in 15 and 52 and i am moving to PB. about 12 miles.
OK. how about Saturday? i have a 8AM appt. to get the truck's windows tinted, but i could be ready by noon at the latest. the tint place is in Escondido, so i could swing by RB and pick up Travis on the way down. Mike, you could drive to my house and I could pick you up, too. it makes for a tight ride with 3 guys across the bench, but it's not intolerable.

we could probably move all that in 1 truck load, maybe 2. wouldn't take too long at all.

of course, you know the trade-off. if we help YOU move, you gotta help US move. thankfully, most of us have finished our moving for a while, but i still have to move into my place sometime around the end of the year.

saturday is good. i have a friend who also goning to help me move and he has a small truck also. i think we can do it in one load. and no problem i dont have to go to LA anymore so i can help you move whenever as long as its on weekends.

so saturday at 11 am sounds good? after the move we can all go to souplantation on me hows that?
I'm in too if you need help
thanx man
Call me about the Saturday thing. I've got the extra set of hands (Zane), so it can make logistics a bit tough. Sunday's are best, but let me know. I am sure Zane and I can make an adventure of it.
cool so who can make it saturday on 11 am i think we will be done by 1:00 - 2:00 then we go to souplantation for lunch.(of course on me)

let me know thanx.
Love to help but I need to go to LA.......Weird huh. I need to go wedding stuff shopping
. So I guess your off the hook next time I move
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Love to help but I need to go to LA.......
no problem but that was funny.
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so who can make it? and what time is good for you?
I can help if you need it. Just give me directions. If you can, send me the go to address and your number through PM.
well, since it looks like it may be a hassle for Lil Mike, why don't Travis, Ryan, and I help Reza? that way we can consolidate vehicles and not make Lil Mike drive in from Oceanside with Zane.

btw, everyone please PM me your phone numbers bc i lost them all!

Can we consolidate?

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