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I have a 2003 zx3 focus and i want to swap the engine

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As stated i have a 2003 zx3 2.0 Focus and i was thinking if anyone knows of any threads showing an early ST swap or a Fusion swap for this car?
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If you have a Duratec then you can swap in a 2.5L from a fusion super easy. In a factory 2.3 car an unmodified 2.5 would put you in the ballpark of 180whp, I highly recommend it. If you have the Zetec, there aren't any easy swaps to my knowledge but admittedly I am not as familiar with that engine family. If it were my car and was some sort of low mileage gem I would consider picking up a scrap duratec focus and doing a 'chassis swap' but that's just imo.

Anything else is going to be a full drive train conversion pretty much. If you're talking about the ST ecoboost, you could do that but you'd have to run the engine on an aftermarket computer.
I did see there were kits to K-swap the focus out there. That'd yield you a large boost in HP, but a way more complicated build.
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