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I need Exhaust specs for Hands of Steel Class!!

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If anyone can give me some type of schematic for the exhaust it would be greatly appreciated. I have been allowed to construct an exhaust system for my car for a hands on steel class. I am basically going to hack up a bunch of mandrel bends to get all the curves i need and weld em up with a resonator and a 22" magnaflow!! So if there is some one out there who can help PLESE DO!!
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go to and go to the how-to section,,,they have a catback install aht shows how the exhaust is laid out,,,see if that helps u
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You also may want to post in the 'Team SR' local forum and see if anybody might be willing to loan you their old exhaust.
I would say dump the resonator or use a very small one, because with the magnaflow muffler I have on my system, it was smooth sounding and not to loud. I had a 22" resonator on yesterday with no cat and it was very quiet and almost not noticeable over my intake and engine noise from about 2.5k to 4k rpm. Today I had a 15" put in with no cat and it sounds just like it did with the cat in and no resonator. perfect!
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