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I need some feedback!

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So I drove out of a seven eleven parking lot and hit my header on the driveway. It was a couple weeks ago but, about an hour after that hit I had a check engine light come on?

Three questions:

Is this a busted o2 sensor?

And if it is then how long can I drive it like this?

If not what problems trigger the check engine light?

Don't have the money to take it in to ford right now!

thanks for your time and help,
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you hit the header and damaged one of the o2 sensors. Run the code and it will tell you which sensor. It should be replaced. I'm pretty sure your gas mileage will suffer and the CEL will not go away till it is fixed.
Just take it into a good auto parts store like NAPA or Auto Zone, they will be happy to bring out their scanner and run the code for you at no charge.
That will at least give you a free starting point.
Your Welcome,
FYI Call Steve at Tousley Ford...Factory Ford Part for like 35 dollars... Instead of 80 at the parts store.

It takes a 7/8 wrench and about 10 minutes to change out. Its really easy to do yourself.

Its really close to the oil pan...less than a half an inch of flex and he could possible snap it off at the bung.
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The front O2 sensor is real close to the block at the top front of the oil pan. Maybe it broke externally when the header hit? Not sure how hard you hit or if there would be that much movement but, should be able to see it.
Thanks everyone for the replies,

I guess ill order a new o2 sensor once I get confirmation on thats the deal...ill try the autozone free code diag. route...hope that's true.

then hope I can find a way to crawl under there to switch it out.

Thanks again for all the help,

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Well the auto zone code said both O2 sensors were bad so I just ordered both of them from Steve at Tousley Ford great price and great guy.

Hope once I get these I don't have any trouble installing them ie. getting to them with jack stands and hand tools.

Thanks again for the tip on autozone free code read!

And thanks Steve, your my new factory parts source.

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get yourself an oxygen sensor removal tool. it will make the job much easier. they are about $10 and are available at most auto parts stores in the tool aisle.
Why am I the only one thinking, "Why didn't he just jack the car up and look at what happened??"

BEFORE I got the codes read, BEFORE I bought to two new O2 sensors, heck...before I even took the car a block after banging it hard I would have pulled over somewhere and took a peek.

I don't see how banging your header could have POSSIBLY injured your rear O2.
Hey revamp,

i did check under the car and I didn't see any visible signs that the sensors were busted.

And I had this problem before about a year ago and it was a busted sensor from a driveway lip.

So I went to auto zone to confirm the thought that it was the same solution....replace the sensors again.

But anyway thanks to all those that gave me good advise....I will go pick up the O2 sensor removal tool this week,

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I hit my header on a parking block and it broke my rear 02. I'm assuming it happened because it broke the support bracket as well. The front looks more likely to break, but looking under there a few days after I got the car back it's the rear sensor that looks new
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I have to say...all the peolpe that say how did you hit the header?

My header hits every time I come off a driveway at a blinding speed of 3mph.

hopefully when I upgrade my suspension with better dampers it will lessen....but a 1.5-2.0 drop might just keep me on my backside with a cold one every couple of months?
It shouldn't be as bad as you think. 1.5" Focus suspension drops only drop about .75" on an SVT since it's lower from the factory. I feel you with the header/driveway thing 8^(
The o2 sensor is between the cat and the tranny (?) if I recall correctly. The rearward thrust on the header sort of "pinches" (for lack of a better term) the o2 sensor and breaks it. Also, be careful, striking the header hard enough can cause broken side motor mounts.
I am thinking that next month when I go ahead and replace my suspension with H&R coilovers that the stiffer dampers will keep the front from bottoming out.

I think that both times I have busted these sensors it was from going off a driveway at under 5mph and the header banged the street.

I am sure that having 63,000 Los Angeles miles has shot these stock dampers about 20,000 miles ago when I busted the first ones.

I think with the stiffer spring/dampers of the H&R C/O I will be safer on banging the header.

Re: I need some feedback! update!!

Ok so I replace both sensors with ford parts and erased the codes and disconected the battery.

check engine light goes off for about ten minutes then low and behold the check engine light comes back?

Check codes and there the same ones: P0135 & P0141

I don't know what to do now, any ideas ?

Anyone have sugestions on what to do or check?

Thanks for your help,

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