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Well today to the track for the very first time
I got seven runs in

Reaction 1.194
60 ft 2.636
330 ft 7.067
1/8 et 11.012
1/8 mph 61.23
1/4 et 17.934
1/4 mph 69.88

Reaction .706
60 ft 2.469
330 ft 7.152
1/8 et 11.352
1/8 mph 56.60
1/4 et 17.832
1/4 mph 80.33

Reaction .965
60 ft 2.895
330 ft 7.689
1/8 et 11.573
1/8 mph 65.58
1/4 et 17.677
1/4 mph 81.40

Started Elimination bracket racing at 17.00
Reaction .691
60 ft 2.548
330 ft 7.198
1/8 et 10.983
1/8 mph 66.85
1/4 et 17.024
1/4 mph 78.53

Changed time to 16.85
Reaction .548
60 ft 2.521
330 ft 7.150
1/8 et 10.917
1/8 mph 67.16
1/4 et 16.928
1/4 mph 80.03

Reaction .546
60 ft 2.675
330 ft 7.387
1/8 et 11.220
1/8 mph 64.36
1/4 et 17.250
1/4 mph 82.00

Reaction .843
60 ft 2.450
330 ft 7.038
1/8 et 10.835
1/8 mph 66.67
1/4 et 16.881
1/4 mph 81.55

I know my times are not very good but after the first three time trials we started bracket racing and for the first one i picked 17.00 the last three i picked 16.85 i made it all the way too the forth round where i was eliminated by .025. I placed sixth out of seventy five at mid america raceway. I gotta a trophy all those V8 guys running like 11-12's where pissed

The temp was i guess about 65-70 and humidy relatively low, but the track was slightly wet do to the drag racers and when they sprayed the track with water to cool it down, there was also a head wind about 15mph, the runs for the most part where one after another, no cool down time

Next time i go how can i decrease my times

I have a 2001 zx3 with a manual transmission

My mods at this time are AEM cold air intake, Denso Iridiums, ford racing wires, and custom borla exhaust. I bought pullies today.

I also know that the firestones are not exactly the best tires to run on, and it did not help that i had not gutted out the trunk where i have about 300 lbs of stuff in it (2 twelves, a box, amp, spare, jack, and i had all my school stuff in it.

What should i be running now i think it should be lower, i also wondered if i got kumho or similar tires, those pullies installed and all that stuff taken out what should i run

Thanks James
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This car is an auto correct?
Its a manual and yea u should be running faster, try and get ur 60ft down alot and you should be running low 16's high 15's or maybe better.
Well believe it or not those firehawks really aren't that bad on the strip. I'd go with them for the time being. Drop the pressure to like 25-28 psi a lot of people will shoot me for saying that, but the firehawk has a nice block of tread that flattens nicely. Get rid of that sub box when you race too. With pullies you'll have similar mods (intake, pulley, exhaust) to what i had when i ran a 15.8 with the same tires and car. Keep at'll get it!

Your 1/8 mile really tells it all. That's where your trouble is. Get that puppy to get out of the hole and you'll be where you should be. I ran a 10.4 in the 1/8 with just an exhaust on my old zetec.
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