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I've read a million posts on this forum - thank you by the way - but all them fail to actually show how to assemble or dissemble the actual ignition cylinder. After getting it out very easily (by following another threads tutorial) I went at the actual cylinder and managed to pop it open by removing the big clip on the back. Then I stuck the key in and popped out the two 'staple' looking things and their springs which removed the tumbler lock bar.

Is this enough to prevent them from sticking again? When I stick my key in they all appear to be lined up perfectly, how small of an amount does it take for them to not work?

And for my real question of this thread - Can I remove ALL the tumblers and have it still work? I have an 04 ZX3 2.3l and I figure since I have the PATS key it doesnt really matter having no tumblers?

Any insight would be much appreciated! Thank you!!
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