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im moving

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Guys, moving to the Spring area, starting uti nov 21rst, will be staying with a friend that lives in that area, anyone have any sources at any part time jobs (car washes, lube shops, so on). Ive noticed there was a few svtf owners who attend there, ive already talked to one (chrisredsvt).
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Best of luck to ya!! I might take you up on your offer, we will see how halloween weekend goes!
Yea I live in the Spring Area. Not too much up here when it comes to cars. Most of the shops etc. are for trucks. Let me know, maybe we can get together with a few other foci drivers and have some beerz. later
We have so many folks that work in parts/service that go to UTI.

You should come apply.

Guys, like the topic says, start nov 21rst, after my first few days of class, ill start applying for jobs, and grey stealth, ya, we will get together, ill be staying on imerial valley and 1960.
DAMN, that's where 1/2 the school stays at. The apartments at the end of Imperial Valley = LOUD and no sleep....

But good luck at UTI! It's definately fun....
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