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Installing SVT Short Shifter

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Hi everyone i had just found this site and signed up. My question is i bought a 02 SVT focus over the summer and i am starting to mod it. I am starting with a steeda short throw shifter. My question is i was wondering does anyone have an idea on how to get the shift knob unscrewed with out screwing it up(meaning the carbon fibor wrapped around it) i cant figure it out and i dont want to mess it up if i dont have too. any comments?????
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Under the shift boot, there are flats machined into the shift knob shaft. grab onto those with a big ass wrench and twist away. It may take two wrenches or a vice to get it depending on how tight it is. There should be pretty good instructions with the steeda shifter. If not, just call them up and have them send them to you or download them from ford racing performance parts. Nate.
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