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does anyone know were i can get an intercooler?
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try ebay, they've got some good deals
I got mine from Bell Intercoolers
precision sells the one they use with their turbo kit. that's where i got mine, great fit, $250+shipping and you can order it with their install kit, too.
there was one in the for sale forum
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my friend got his from They are pretty sweet and relatively cheap.
you can try wagnermotorsports also. he has a nice one that im using (hopefully get my car back tomorrow).
how would i get in contact w/ precision and how much is th einstall kit?
I got mine from Bell Intercoolers
I just checked out there website...

Holy cow, that's a great place to purchase an intercooler.

Funny and gay thing I noticed though... In 3" and 3.5" core thickness, the core height jumps from 8" up to 18". There's nothing in between like a 12" or 14". Is that typo?
It's not a typo - it looks like they want to use plates that are 8, 18, or 24 inches long. So the height is one of those three sizes, but the width can be almost anything you want because they just use more plates.

Its goofy for Foci because our intercoolers are typically mounted "sideways". So my intercooler is 18" tall by 6.5" wide, but it's resting on its "side". It's not ideal for flow, since it doesn't have nearly as many plates as it would have if it were the other way around, but it would be a PITA on the Focus to have the flow come from the top and bottom, rather than from the sides.

The nice thing with Bell Intercoolers is it sounds like they pay attention to the IC's flow loss, so I'm sure they use low-density turbulators when the number of plates is limited by space constraints, for instance.

I've always thought the Bell Intercooler site was really cool. If I had gone custom, they'd be my first choice. As it turned out, I have one of their intercoolers anyway - hell, my whole turbo kit was fabricated by Bell Engineering.
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Gerhard Schruff works at Bell. If you remember he was one of the aerocharger guys!! Very knowledgeable!!!

I loved working with him and learned alot about intercooler design through him. If I had to do it again I wouldn't have changed... I would have gone through Bell!!
I got mine from Bell Intercoolers
what deminsions was yours?
18 x 7.2 x 3.5
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