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Interesting problem on 09 MTX Focus

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Hello everyone!

I need a little help from all you Focus masters out there.

I recently came across a strange problem with my 2009 Ford Focus. I had to get my hydraulic fluid in my MTX changed (under warranty) because my clutch pedal travel between engaged to disengaged diminished by at least 50% under a cold start. Then after everything gets warmed up a little the clutch would start to feel close to normal again, although slightly softer.

I took it to the dealership where they changed the fluid. After that the car felt good as new... for a few days. Then it started doing it again and now I noticed that when I park my car and leave it in neutral, (with the clutch engaged) I hear a strange rattling sound coming from my car. But then when I press the clutch down the rattling stops! I let go of the clutch pedal and the rattling starts again!!

I'm going to take it back to the dealership again to see if they can fix it but can anyone tell me what they might think the problem is? That way I could be more informed when I head out to the dealership to try and explain what's going on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Well, they pulled my trans under warranty a few times for different issues. You gotta be persistent and determined. If need be, try a few different Ford dealerships. If your car isn't right it's Ford's responsibility to make it right- even if it means pulling a trans for something that appears small. It might be small now but 6 months from now, or even 2 weeks past the warranty expiration your car could die because of a little issue they should have fixed in the beginning. Stick with it & make them get it right!
I've learned the hard way three times now- NEVER let a noise on a car go uninvestigated. First time was a wheel bearing. I ignored the noise and wound up with the inner raceway melting itself onto the spindle. The whole wheel damn near fell of on the highway! The second time was a bearing in my mtx75. Just got the car back from the dealership for a warranty clutch replacement and noticed things sounded subtly different. Four years later that faint little noise got way worse & required immediate attention. Luckly it was still under waranty. At the same time I noticed a faint noise comming from the engine but ignored it. A couple months later, and here I am rebuilding my engine- on my own dime 'cause I missed the waranty by two weeks!!

Moral is: If your car is making noises the problems don't go away and fixing now is ALWAYS cheaper and safer then fixing later.
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