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I'm lookin at buying the FSWERKS SCT Livewire TS Performance ECU Tuner & Monitor - Ford Focus. I have the fswerks race exhaust, CFM throttle body, aem short ram on my SVT focus (ORP or highflo cat soon cause cat is bad). I would like to get more power and I don't really care about mpg, but I would also like another tune for those long trips for better mpg. Is that possible to have different tunes I can change through? Can I play with it to make my own tune? Does the tuner always need to be plugged in the to keep the tune/car working right?

Can you pass inspection with a tune on your car? If I get an ORP and the tune needs to go back to stock to pass inspection will it still turn the O2 sensor off so the check engine light stays off and the sensor stays off? I live in NY and they do emissions testing.

Sorry for all the questions but I've never bought a tuner and just wanted to know if its worth $600. I know there is a cheaper tuner but have heard it doesn't always work for the svt and can lock the car.
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