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It gets a bad wrap

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The poor, poor SPI gets a bad wrap for its well known issue (valve seat failure).

i wanted to get a few things straight though, SPI stands for "split port induction" NOT "split port injection"! big difference. "The 2.0 L was introduced in the 1997 Escort (North American) sedan and wagon as SPI2000 (Split Port Induction). It now used split port induction (A type of VVT system)"- wikipedia, it has nothing to do with fuel injection.

I know that the SPI is a finicky little engine and if you don't take care of it or follow the service interval, you will pay.

"Despite its considerable shortcomings in terms of Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and its intolerance of poor or neglected servicing, the CVH was regarded as being a very easy engine to tune, with many of its key components being considerably over-engineered." -wikipedia

"The CVH was notorious for turning its lubricating oil to sludge prematurely if the service schedule was skipped. This tended to cause top end oil starvation & the tortured mechanical noises these engines were known for. Timing belts frequently failed about 60,000–90,000 mi" -wikipedia

"Throughout its 20-year production life, the CVH had a reputation for being almost painfully coarse and noisy at high RPM (CVH, said some pundits, was an acronym for considerable vibration and harshness, other epithets include Clattery Vapid & Harsh ). Jeremy Clarkson famously said of the CVH-powered Escort that "it was powered by engines so rough, even Moulinex wouldn't use them". -wikipedia

like any other engine, if you take care of it, it should take care of you.

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Well built Zetec's can do the same thing no problem. DOHC means better head flow and less turbo lag. It's a nice idea and can be done, but it's hard to deny the disadvantages. There is wicked fast SN-95 Stangs as well, but the DOHC mod motors after them are cheaper to get the same numbers from.
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