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JBA header problem

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I noticed that my stainless steel header has started to rust. Its on the both flanges; the one at the collector, and the one that mates to the head. It seems that this is not a total stainless steel construction. I am very pissed seeing that I paid $350 for something that is supposed to be of the highest quality. Looks like I have to use that "lifetime warranty" that JBA offers. Hopefully they won't give me any ****. Anyone else with the header notice this???

2000 ZX3...K&N, JBA header, Apex springs, Borla exhaust. Next step high flow cat...maybe cams?

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Originally posted by zx3steve14:
i find it amusing that this was still a problem after 2 years!
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Where in the world did you find this thread .. hahaha
I dunno but this thread is pretty old
EXACTLY what I was thinkin. OMG this things old, and this isn't even the first time its been brought was brought back in early 03 too
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