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It would appear that the makers of front-wheel drive cars with engines that are making any kind of power have forgotten or chosen to ignore what it takes to get that power to the ground. Instead, they've equipped these performance cars with engine mounts that have only comfort in mind. Well what about those of us that want both comfort and performance? Look no further...we have the solution.

Available immediately, JBR is pleased to announce the release of our Rear Engine Mounts for the 2013 Ford Focus ST. It is with great enthusiasm that we bring this, the first of a long line of JBR products for the ST, to market.
JBR is the leading manufacturer of full engine mounts for the Mazda platform and we plan to take the knowledge and expertise gained there and apply that same passion for performance to the Focus. We take the quality of every part we make seriously and this is no exception.

The JBR Rear Engine Mounts for the Focus ST are constructed from 4130 alloy steel and custom high quality urethane bushings available in 3 durometers. The 70 and 80 durometer engine mounts utilize a 3" diameter bushing. This allows the mount to significantly reduce engine movement, reduce wheel hop and increase traction with the least amount of increased NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness). The 88 durometer, the stiffest of the 3 mounts, uses a 1.5" diameter bushing and was designed with the drag strip in mind but it's still comfortable enough to use every day.

So whether you're a spirited daily driver/street racer or a hardcore performance-only oriented enthusiast, we have the engine mount to suit your needs. And as always, our products come with detailed online installation instructions, a lifetime no questions asked warranty and free domestic shipping.

Visit us at and Like us on Facebook to keep up with News and Events at JBR.

Installation instructions can be found here.

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