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Hey guys/gals,
I work at SunVertibles down in Franklin, TN and we are going to be looking for some help in the very near future. Some details still need to get worked out, but it will probably be part-time to full-time work (25-40 hrs. per week) depending on the final responsibilities we decide to assign this person.

Main functions that I know of: Taking detailed photos of each new vehicle for our website as it get out of detail/service/etc. I have been the person doing this for several years but need to move into some other responsibilities and need to get some help. Other duties could be:

Helping me to write down options/features on each vehicle to post to the website
Running errands to drop off/pick up cars
Helping with general office work (title work, bank forms)
...and who knows!

When I find out more details, I will be sure to update this. In the mean time, feel free to ask any questions. I do not know what this position will pay just yet. The owner and myself need to get together and finalize some other things first. I thought this would be a good place to make some of you aware that this position will be opening up.

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