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JRSC BBK Installation Question...

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I've been trying to find some instructions somewhere, but can't seem to...I was wondering, what's involved in the installation of the JRSC BBK? Do you have to remove the JRSC, or can the larger pulley be installed while it's installed? What about the injectors? How hard is it to remove the ECU? I just want to know how much of a PITA the BBK will be to put in. Thanks!

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The ECU is easy...super easy...its in the passenger side kick panel. I bought my JRSC/BBK all together in one combo...but from the close proximity of the strut tower to the pulley, Im guessing that it would be easier to just unbot the 4 bolts that hold the Supercharger to the manifold. Im not sure what you are asking about the injectors...they are super easy to install too. there are just two bolts that hold the fuel rail in. I have the ZX3 kit...but it should all be basically the same. It should be pretty easy for you.
kick ass. thanks man! anyone know if anyone's got it cheaper than mcnews @ $460? thanks!

sweet, thanks.

one other question, this may be stupid, but i just don't know the answer- when i was going over the installation instructions for the BBK, it says that you have to lube the o-rings on the injectors before installing. what do you use for this? do they supply lube with the kit? i just want to be as educated as possible to make sure i don't make any mistakes on this install!

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The o-rings on the injectors have a tendency to leak so a bit of lube keeps 'em nice and sealed (I believe). Good luck.
thanks. but what do you use to lube them??? is the lube supplied with the kit?
you can just use regular motor just helps the oring slide on the aluminum without binding. And help condition the rubber to help it seal. Just put a dab on the tip of your finger and rub it on both o-rings.
ok, cool. thank you!
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