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jrsc egr routing?

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How do you route the egr on a jrsc? Starting from the egr solenoid where it routes off to two separte lines, I have one hooked up to the valve and the other is capped off. I got a p401 code, insufficent egr, and cant figure this out? Any ideas or pics please
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The hose closest to the EGR solenoid electrical plug should be connected to the EGR valve. The bottom fitting, the one furthest from the electrical plug should be routed to a manifold vacuum fitting near the TB.
Any pics? Would really help. I got one egr line hooked up to the valve, but cant find where the other one goes? Where near the tb?
Refere to the JR website instructions if you don't have your originals. But the vacuum fittings that are right next to the TB supply vacuum to the PCV system, the Fuel Evaporative system and the EGR. "T" into one of those lines for your EGR vacuum source.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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