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JRSC owners, help me out here....

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We got a 2003 ZX3 Zetec JRSC with the FRPP BBK kit.
It's actually shadowzx3's car

He had the first FRPP BBK available and the guys at Ford Racing/Mclaren put it on for him.

The car seemed fine and was running great after they put it on.

But.....the stupid tensioner has a "nub" on it that is eating the belts right up. (Tons of rubber "dust" on the passenger side of the engine compartment)
So something ain't right.
The "nub" I'm referring to is the pivot point for the tensioner I believe.

We tried routing it with a 104.5" belt like the Ford Racing Tech Article said and it lasted for 4 months until the belt finally shredded to pieces (while driving I might add)

We replaced the belt again (with a 104.5"), and noticed the "nub" on the tensioner was scratching the belt which lead the first belt to it's demise. Also boost was very low, meaning it was probably slipping.

So then we tried the old routing today hoping that might solve the rubbing on the nub with a 99.5" belt and the belt is waaaay to loose. We didn't even turn the engine over...there was just too much slack on the belt. And yes, everything was routed correctly.

So something isn't right and we still haven't figured out what to do.

And yes, I read/followed the Ford Racing tech article about routing/length of the belts:

Any ideas of the right belt size?

Car has A/C I might add & no other engine mods
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could you just replace the tensioner with a new one and hope it won't eat belts like it did before?

i used to have a JRSC and that never happened to me...

sorry to hear about that, though...and hopefully Oscar will chime in soon

i'm not having any rubbing problems, but i do think my Tensioner is going out....there's a click that gets faster as the rpms get faster...not coming from the valve cover area...coming from the belt area....Oscar said mine was going out....back in April. Do you guys think it might be that? (sorry for the thread wouldn't work)
I'm not sure what you mean by the "nub", but I bet a new tensioner will solve the problem.
Well we went the cheap route for now and avoided buying a new belt tensioner and tried a shorter belt instead

Tried a 98" belt and that's what worked (with the old routing)
Tried a 98 7/10" and that squealed/slipped REALLY bad.

But the 98" was tight & fits right.
No squeal & the right amount of boost

It's just crazy that Ford Racing says you need a 99.5" belt and we ended up needing a 98" belt
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