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KAMAKAZI headders cant take the heat anymore?

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Ive had a set of kamakazi 4-1 headders for, about 2 years now!... WITH no problems.. im veryy happy with the power and all but HERE IS THE PROBLEM

the other day i got home from work and RANDOMLY decided to pop the hood


i was all WOAH

but that cant be normal...its never happend before

it was glowing red where the 4 connects into 1, in that gathering...

is this a sign of cracking to come?

are the headers giving way?

or have is this normal and have i missed this for 2 years?
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It seems normal to me. The stock header glows red with consitancy. Exhaust gases get extremly hot. I don't think you have a promblem. Just check it over and see if you have any promblems.

Edit: I didn't read all that you wrote. That does seem odd that the peice that changes from 4 into one glows red. You must have some kind of restriction right around that area.
you may want to concider a exhaust gas tempature gauge. It will let you know if everything is truly allright. I have an obx 4-1 shorty header and have never seen the collector glowing. even at 1,400 degree's
check your flexpipe to see if it may have collapsed
yea dident think about that ^^^ has your car lost a lot of power recently? It may be a sign that the flex pipe has collapsed or something may be pluging the exhaust pipe (potato)
just kidding.

hope you find it
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your problem could be that you put a set of headers under the hood instead of the 1 header needed for our I4.

But really, check for restrictions in the exhaust and elsewhere.
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A problem with the engine running too lean would make the headers glow red at the top, right outside of the exhaust ports on the head.

Down that low, there is restriction somewhere.... most likely (as stated) your flex pipe has collapsed.

It happens. Just get a new one.
Where four cylinders come into one is the part that stays hot all the time, the single runners only get hot once per 4 fires. The collector is where all the heat gathers. It's no big deal, the kami header can/will last as long as any of them. Don't worry about it.

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