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Bought a 2005 ZX5 and the keyless worked fantastic. No aftermarket alarms or anything (except a stereo deck). Then one day the wife left the lights on and the battery died. Now the keyless entry won't work. No big deal right? I tried new batteries, new remotes, and programming them but its as if they aren't responding.

I turn the ignition on and off and the fourth time I hear the chime. There's my queue! I try to press and/or hold a button (tried all buttons, and both remotes) but nothing happens. My research says it's supposed to chime again or the doors should lock and unlock but nothing happens... Tried turning the ignition on/off 8 times just in case but still nothing.:bang:

Is there a fuse for that or something else I'm forgetting? I gave up and tried to take it to a car stereo place but all three in my area will only program one if I buy an aftermarket alarm (greedy bastards!):rant:

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