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Koni adjustables and h&r sport springs

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How much of a difference will I notice with this set up compared to my stock SVT suspension? Also, with stiffer suspension, does this mean that you can mash the throttle in and out of autox turns, or drive differently ie: more aggressive? Can someone please explain?
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My exact setup.

The Konis would be a great improvment, but the H&R Sport Springs, personally, I feel are on par with SVT springs. They are nice, but I wish I had stiffer.

If you are running GS, I'd suggest you just get the Konis, and run on R-compounds. You'll find that an incredible setup for GS.

As for drivability, I don't think you'll be able to 'mash' the throttle any more than usual, but you'll be able to corner a little harder, and slaloms would be a lot more secure.
hmmmm, what are some stiffer springs then?
H&R race springs. the koni's will make a huge difference. i don't have any track time on mine yet, but I don't need it to tell.
I have the Konis and H&R Sport springs on my SVT Focus. I like them for the most part, the handling is much improved over stock. It is a much more controlled feeling and it helps to get rid of some of the front end push. This setup is stiffer than the SVT came from the factory. It still rides quite well and there is no bouncing or wallowing once you adjust the konis dampening to match the springs. I don't think I would like my car any lower than it is with the H&R Sport springs, I just barely touch the front spoiler now coming out of my driveway.
Wow, I didn't think they would be stiffer than the SVT. Interesting.
I'm thinking about just the Koni adjustables and keeping the stock SVT springs. Would this be a worthwhile change? I don't currently autocross but would like to have the car handle a little better. Are springs necessary?
thats not a bad mix at all. you dont need lowering springs.
how is the koni adjustable and h&r speing set up for daily driving? i'm not gunna be like losening filling in my teeth am i?
Nope. Its very compliable. On full soft, it rides like it should. On full stiff, you'll feel all the road imperfections, but its not bone jarring.
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