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Koni Yellow Full Specs??

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Hey guys,

I was just over at PhaseX taking a look at the progress of their Mid Engine Race car. Well while talking to them they never knew that Koni Yellows were made for the Focus and they are now wondering if they would work for their custom suspension setup.

So if anybody has the Full specs in detail it would be appreciated. Stuff like length, valving, shaft length and such would be great.

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Can't give you and specs on them but I can tell you that they are only single adjustable in rebound only. And its only a guess, but I would imagine they would want something that's double adjustable if its a serious race car. Just my .02

That's not to say that they couldn't get them converted over to double adjustable. But they're going to have to contact Koni for that anyway.
I believe the dimensions are all very close to stock, in terms of rod length, etc. I think they're only 1/4" shorter than stock.
So there's no way to get more Detailed information online about the Koni Yellow's? I wanted to be able to print something out and give it to them.

Also i heard that $500 is a good price for a full set of Koni's? They would need 2 sets of fronts..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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