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Kuhmo Tire Question (1/4 mile)

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Right now I have 711s on the rear and 712s on the front. When I head to the 1/4 mile in a couple weeks should I put the 711s up front or leave it alone? I need traction!
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leave em alone, whereever they are now. 32psi in the front, max listed in the rear to start. DO NOT lower them. those tires wont respond much to small psi changes anyway. cant gain anythin in the launch that u wont loose even more down track.

u'll want more traction than those can ever give you outta the hole...just practice your launch tactics makin only 1 change per run and loggin the results.

good luck,

That's what I figured. The 712s seem to be better than the 711s.
ult, you hit the 14.xx mark???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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