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Lamin-X question

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I just recently installed some nice Mach HIDs on my car. I don't think I want to put Xenonmatch bulbs into my fogs to make them match, so I'm considering tinting them yellow with some Lamin-X. Is Lamin-X easily removeable if I change my mind later?
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Well, I'm definitely going to apply some Lamin-X. FocusSport provided me with a nice gift card from JetFest, and I can't stand the thought of a rock hitting my new Machs. I'm just not sure if I'm going to get yellow Lamin-X for the fogs, or clear with yellow bulbs. I'll need to do some research in the Team Rigs gallery.
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hmm, hids with yellow film, i wonder what that will look like?
Searching through some old threads, I really like what blucarz's fog lights look like (when on). Hoen All-weathers and yellow Lamin-X looks like a good choice. But I can't find any daytime pics of black SVTs with lamin-X on the fogs. Are there any?
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