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Fellow jetters...

This is a great experience for me and I hope everything stays well... Spain is a great country for a car lover

I've been here since 1 week... since then I've seen the most incredible cars!!! here is a short list:

- Ford Focus RS (Parked)
- Renault Clio V6 (Fly by)
- A reunion of Ferrari Cars (Fly by)
- A set of Foci Police Cars (Parked)

- The Drop-Jaw PORSCHE 911 GT3!!! (OMG
- Bmws, MBs, Audis from all types and forms.

This is the land of beautiful cars!!!

- VW Golf R32 (crusing)
- Porsche GT2 (Fly by)

I'll go to the police station to get better pics of those foci police cars.

LatinZX3 reporting from Tenerife, Spain!

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