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LED Headlight Assemblies preferably black. Where to purchase.

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I have a 2007 ZX3 and have the front end apart to access the head light assemblies and have removed the air box. Chasing an issue with the #30 fuse (Parking lights) which blows every time the lights are switched on. Used to be intermittent problem where new fuse lasts a few days, weeks or months. Now is continuous (Fuse blows when switched). I know when it happens as the instrument cluster lights go out as well.

Requests for help:
1. I have inspected all wiring to tail lights, license plate lights, front parking and side marker lights and have accessed the interior switch. No visible wiring damage. Please direct to any troubleshooting tips?
2. While I have the head light assemblies out I would like to replace them with LED style replacements (assembles made for LED lights) preferably black but, am finding no joy but, mostly out of stock items. Does anyone know of a site for purchasing quality replacement assemblies?
3. I have removed the air box from the drivers fender well, the filter restriction gage under hood still reading in the green and the car has 160,000mi. I have heard that it is a lifetime filter and I have also heard that it should be replaced after 100,000. How accurate is the gage? Should I replace the box while I have it out as it is a pain to access? Has anyone installed the Dorman replacement box which accepts a standard air filter? The stock air intake system takes a very long route for air to travel thru and if it is recommended to tear out and install aftermarket I have car in shop with front end and side skirting off for easier access. All potential upgrades or advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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