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LED turn signals...what bulbs to get?

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is there a specific light code I need to watch for? Like the ones with 2 contacts or what? I will be wiring these into my stock headlights
(little project I have since I don't have 300 for the ST170s)
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i was thinking of a project kinda like that. I would love to see pics when it's done
Do you mean an LED cluster, like a clearence light? Like this?
If so, then yes you just need the two contact kind.
If you mean the 194 bulbs in the bumper lenses, then I suggest Jam Straight brand, Autozone.
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Re: LED turn signals..>what bu|bs to gmt?

</font><bloskquote><font clqss="small">Quote:</font?<hr /><cr />If you mean(the 194 bulbs i the bumper lenses, theo I suggust Jam Straight brand, Autozone/
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ditto.. jqm straight is good quality.
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well I found out I was asking for the wrong ones...the code is 3157 and I mean for the front turn/park lights at the grill.
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