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How did the car run, any mods over the winter, just curious as I have spent the last four weekends under mine, except for 5 hours tied to the dyno, can't wait to make a turn, and my two trips to That track years ago down the cork screw were amazing.
This is my West coast daily driver and not the PWSC car I run at the East coast and Midwest events. So it is box stock except for the Bilstein coilover kit, Cobalt pads and worn out Kumho XS's.
The car ran fine, except when I shut it off on grid waiting for a wrecked car to be cleared from the track and neglected to turn off the traction control before starting out. I couldn't figure out why the car was bogging until the flashing TC light caught my eye.

I swapped out a bad inner tie rod the day before, so the toe was a bit wonky. BTW, swapping the inner tie rod was cake with the help of this tool.
I found it on ebay for $18 shipped.

As usual, the SVT is about the slowest car in the run group. This was a Lotus club event so most of the cars are ~800lbs lighter with the same or better power. I try to play with the Spec Miatas, but if the driver is any good at all I lose contact after a lap or so. Then there are the guys driving a new Stingray, GT-R and ACR Viper who just rocket past folks at will.

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If I could only travel a little more but my kid and business commitments constantly require me around ( at least that's what I think). I plan on ordering that piece today cause its a real pain without the specialty tool we keep at the shop. Today was spent corner weight adjusting and getting it aligned. Naturally the steering rack was requiring some work and we made some permanent camber plate repairs which have been put off for a while. Come on down south soon.

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Le Circuit Mont Tremblant

Just got back from a Boston BMW Club event at Circuit Mont Tremblant in Quebec. This had to have been one of the nicest track events I've attended. We stayed at the ski resort at the base of the mountain overlooking a lake. The village looks right out of a postcard from Switzerland. Great food, shops and activities right outside the hotel door.
The track is about a mile and a half away, nestled between a river and another lake. Where we parked in the paddock, the rear of the trailer faced the lake. We sat there between sessions watching the kayaks and canoes go by. The guy parked next to us went swimming a couple of times a day to cool off. When have you seen that at a track event? When driving down the front straight you can see the ski runs in the distance.

The track owner is a billionaire who keeps his collection of Ferrari's in a large hanger. There were a bunch parked in front of the hanger while we were on track. According to an article I read he drives the snot out of them.

This used to be called St Jovite in the sixties when the Trans Am battles were fierce. The track is most notably known by Ford guys as the place where the 69 Trans Am championship was lost after three of the Boss 302's were wrecked in one incident and couldn't recover the rest of the season.

Mont Tremblant is a fast undulating course with a number of high speed turns and blind apexes. To go fast you need some courage in places that can bite you hard.
Safe to say I wasn't always getting everything the SVT could offer.

Here is how Trackpedia describes it.

Turn 1

The T1-T3 complex is a right hand turn over a hill, with the apex of T2 being the top of the hill. At the end of the front straight, the track drops off slightly and fades right slightly, just after the drop.

The best way to enter it is to stay driver's left, about 2.5 feet from pit wall. Most driver's will either brake lightly or just do a lift at the end of the front straight before the downhill. If you are against pit wall, you will have to start turning as the car gets light as it starts to go down the drop. The more advanced the driver, the closer they get to the wall.

After the slight drop the track starts up hill again (to the right). It is best to take this turn late since you have a lot of grip due to the compression, and you want to be as straight as possible as you crest the hill (T2). You should not be close to the curbing on driver's right until you are at the top of the hill. The throttle is your friend while climbing and cresting the hill, if the car feels a little skittish going up and over the top, adding throttle and not brakes will get you though.

Turn 2

At the top of the hill, you should be all the way to driver's right, with your right side wheels against or on the flat curbing there. There are a couple of bumps at the top of the hill that can make the car skip left a bit - stay on the gas! Fight the urge to lift or brake and stay on the gas until you are over the crest going down the hill to T3. After the apex of T2, let the car start to track out to drivers left, so you are at the left side of the track going the hill to T3.

Turn 3

To help keep you on line over this blind hill, there is a good reference point you can use. As you crest the hill, you will not be able to see the track down the other side. If you look straight out to the woods on the outside of the armco, there is a lone birch tree there. Line yourself up with this tree as you go over the crest down to T3. You may want to locate the tree on a warm up lap or track walk instead of a hot lap :).

T3, like T1, is a compression since the track levels out here and turns sharply to the right. Some will want to brake slightly going down the hill before T3, but the more advanced drivers will not as the compression provides a lot of grip. Work up to this. There is a short straight between T3 and T4 where you need to do a lot of braking. Take T3 late, turn in the compression and create a long straight braking zone before T4.

Turn 6

This can be taken flat out in most cars (as long as the track is dry, when it rains you usually get some standing water there), so the exit of T5 is very important.

T6 is a long turn, so you may have to short shift going into it to prevent running out of revs during the corner. Be patient entering T6. Don't turn in too early. In a powerful car one can run out of room on the exit. Let the car track all the way out to driver's right after T6 and then start coming back to driver's left again for T7.

Just a little side note about the exit of T6. There is a deer path in the woods between T6 and T7. More than one car has hit a deer here, so keep your vision wide.

Turn 7

Can be a bit tricky since it is slightly down hill and off-camber going out of it, but as long as you hold tight to the apex (a fairly late one) you'll be fine. Remember to apply throttle at the apex. Many cars have met their end at this corner. After tracking out of T7, stay driver's left to setup for T8. In the wet be careful on the exit. The slight kink before the straight for T8 becomes a real corner.

A note about T7 for drivers visiting Tremblant for the first time. Many are deceived by it and actually think it is as fast as T6. It is not. Fortunately there is plenty of runoff if you go wide. Do not hesitate to go on the grass when in trouble. It will save your car and maybe even more.

There are a bunch of fun places that are challenging but less dangerous. On the second day my friend commented on how short the laps were becoming due to the increased speeds after running the track for a while.
Here is a video I found that shows the track pretty well. Note the camera really flattens the track out. The elevation change is quite dramatic.
Track map.

If the track time isn't enough there is also a Jim Russell karting track on the property. I believe the guys said it was nearly 9/10ths of a mile long. We didn't get a chance to do it this time but plan on hitting it on our next trip there.

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Spent Memorial Day weekend at VIR with SCMC/ Track Club USA. Three days on the full course with beautiful weather and plenty of track time. Saw a couple of folks with Focus STs but alas I had the only SVT. Got to meet M Sperber on Sunday, which was a treat. A fellow SVO and Focus guy, truly a sickness to own both.
From there it was off to the Bahamas for a five night cruise and a weekend at Sebring with TrackGuys.

At Sebring I had a student with a new Ecoboost Mustang with an automatic.
That car got around the track pretty well and felt quite nimble. Turn in was excellent and though it didn't have "plant you in the seat power", we were able to run down and pass many other cars due to the brakes and handling. I wish I could have taken a few laps in it but there wasn't enough time as the owner works for VMP Tuning and was dynoing cars and tuning between sessions.

I did take a new Camaro SS out for a spin. The car runs pretty strong but it is still a POS. Put it in Sport mode and the paddle shifters wouldn't downshift. So the transmission would hunt at each corner. GM still hasn't dealt with the drumming when the windows are down at 50+ mph. The rear headliner bounces up and down the whole time, just like the last one I drove when they first came out. It had a full set of gauges on the console to mimic the 67-68 model but they are impossible to see at speed.
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