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Lighting question

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What's the difference between H1, H4, and H7 lights?
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I've also been wondering the same question. I have a '66 bug with PIAA Platinum Super White H4 bulbs. Will they work on the Focus?
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A quick search for h1 bulb in exterior forum turned up this:
Parts list
H1 bulbs (Hi-beam)
H7 bulbs (lo-beam)

A quick search for h4 bulb in exterior forum turned up this:
h4 vs 9003
"H4 bulb is intended for motorcycle and off road vehicles. It's design has a heavy duty coil to withstand vibrations, whereas the 9003 coil is lighter and intended for automobile use. The bulbs are interchangeable."

Check out some of the links in the EVERYTHING about the Mach Audio Lights , it's an encylopedia of lighting stuff, not just HID
Alf's install instructions
Danile Stern's lighting

PS any decisions on the body kit? and did you get your honey some flowers for letting you spring for it?
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H4's will work in the focus....H7's are for some aftermarket lighting, I have them in my Halo' far as the actual difference I think it is just the amount of light and the heat that it puts off....Peace

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