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Like it or not, SSR is here and on the road!

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For some reason, I get visions of the PT cruiser after seeing this thing. It has a retractable hard top.

And she had just purchased it! Hers was NOT the signature series - 1 of 25 made.

This is the badging is shows for the sig series.

According to Chevy, the signature series has twenty five VIN THEMES - like one is for a sports star, one is for the chevy automobile museum, one is a promo mobile, one is a music touring car, another is for media, andother for a race driver, and another is for Chevy racing, etc.

Hers was the regular OFF THE DEALERSHIP SSR.
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pardon my ignorance, but who is this "She" you speak of? I hope it wasn't Brenda Priddy!
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Arent those things north of $40,000? Quite overpriced.
Is Brenda blonde? Kinda frizzy hair? Older lady in her forties?
We will see what happens initially saleswise.To me it seems more like the cancelled Plymouth Prowler being a "retro" type of vehicle.The SSR is based off the Chevy Trailblazer platform which is one reason why it is considered to be extremely heavy.I am sure they will sell very well nevertheless.
I don't like it. I think its going to bomb for Chevy. For the price, what crowd are they aiming for? Its not really a suped-up soccer runner. It will be around for about 2-3 years tops. Its a $35k+ retro S-10 with 300hp.
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I like it. But then again, I like cars that go against the grain.

Hence the reason I've owned both a PT and a Focus. And numerous other customized vehicles.

I still want an Avalanche.
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Does it have a v8? if not, it needs one.

still doesn't make up for the loss of the F-body.
again... ugly!!!!

GM sizzucks... and this only proves it!
I can try and try and try .. I just cannot understand GM's designs
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LOOKS GREAT! definite head turner! BUT.. It needs to come with a supercharger option. The stock version should be $30,000 and the supercharged should be $35k Oh and it better me a manual.
On the way back from Toledo, Ohio this weekend, I saw one of these on the turnpike. It was uglier than I expected. And the woman driving it was blond (I don't know why that matters, though).

It was red. It was bulbus. It was ugly.
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Something Smells Ricey
Something Shouldn't Run
Salesman Screwed Recipient
Shouldn't Sell, Really
Sucker Subject to Ridicule

Just a few more acronyms to add to the list courtesy of me.
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it needs to be slammed, and it needs less rubber and more chrome. then i might like it better
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