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little bulbs inside my hellas!

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theres daytime running lights inside my high beams and i was just wondering what type of bulb they are so i can replace them... i broke both of them trying to take them out... it looks to me like they are a single contact bayonet bulb but im not up on my part numbers as of now
so if anyone out there can help me out i would be happy... i promise i wont put a red bulb in one and a blue in the other....
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i use a 194s in my st170 city lights... maybe thats the number you looking for. not sure though. someone should know on here.
those arent it... anyone know what these are?
Are you referring to the city lights? If I remember right, they are T4's. They were used in most city light kits. Where you drill the hole in the housing and insert the light. I had them in my Hella's.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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