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long time no see

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waz up guys this is donzx3 dont if u guys remember me but i was a guy with a fixed up white foci from 909 just want to say was up and see whats going on with the foci now days

my foci rip

my rx8 lives:)
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whats up don
Its hemetfocuszx3 from the other site
If your crazy enough to drive a long way, come hang out with us sometime in san diego at one of our meets
just keep looking up the recent posts....
btw, do you know joe morgan, or mike aka kinakoba....I need to get my stock cam gears back from joe, its been over three years since he installed my aftermaket one's
and when he did them, he didnt give me my stock ones back
mike doesn't live in corona anymore, he is in new mexico... but i can see about talking to joe for you
If you could do that, and if he does have them, pick em' up for me
A lunch or dinner is on me if you accomplish the impossible

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shinka eh? that could only mean u got that Shinka RX-8! what's been up dude? u haven't stopped by in ages. been busy i bet. heard about Jake? let's meet up again sometime man. peace out
i dont have a shinksa but i gave red fully loaded rx8 with 18 by 8.5 fronts and 18by 9.5 WORK EMOTION cr kai wheels with falken azenes st 615 245 40s in front with 275 35s in reaR. im down with a meets lets get it going for old times sake. lets get this going good the hear from u guys again.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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